<font color="#696969">hosted by:</font> Cynthia Dearin

hosted by: Cynthia Dearin

Business Opportunities in the UK

with David McCredie, CEO at Australian British Chamber of Commerce


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In this episode I am joined by my friend David McCredie OBE, CEO of the Australia British Chamber of Commerce.

David is an experienced and thoughtful leader of people and business. He interacts regularly with a wide range of businesses providing him with a unique insight into government, large corporate entities and SME’s. His ability to gain cut through and give insights into the opportunities for businesses to perform better, to grow and to reach the right markets has made him a key asset to many of the companies that he has worked with.

Join in to find out:

… and lots more!

Having led the Chamber for over a decade, David has witnessed many changes and considerable growth in this space during this time, including stock of investments between the UK and Australia going up by more than 100 billion dollars.

We focus on the relationships between some of the largest economies in the world… and all things considered, it is looking positive despite all the chaos over the last 18 months.

This is an eye-opening episode for anyone looking to understand the current relationships between the EU, the UK, Australia and China.