<font color="#696969">hosted by:</font> Cynthia Dearin

hosted by: Cynthia Dearin

Importance of Data in Launching a Company

with Tatiana Miron, Founder and CEO of Prime Target


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In this episode I am joined by Tatiana Miron as we discuss how to go about choosing the right market to launch your company and why having the right data is so important in that process.

Based out of Marseilles, France, Tatiana is not only one of our Senior Advisors here at Dearin & Associates, she is also the founder of Prime Target, a firm that provides advisory, business intelligence services and solutions for international development.

Join in to find out:

… and lots more!

Many companies enter a new market with little to no research, and as we highlight in this episode, jumping in without the right information can cause huge problems for an international venture before it even gets off the ground. The importance of research cannot be understated, as the entire market entry strategy will be based on assumptions as opposed to quality data, and that is a recipe for disaster.

Taking your business global is certainly a massive opportunity that is available to most, and if you want to take that jump, join us to find out what kind of data you should be seeking when it comes to market selection, and how to go about finding it.

Please enjoy!